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Frat pack



What happens when a rider without a helmet is caught by an MMDA traffic officer?

Certainly, he or she will be ticketed and fined P1,500 if it’s the first time he or she committed the traffic violation.

If they are tandem riders, the fine is times two.

Now, what happens when 500 riders in tandem are on the road and they are caught by a traffic cop without their helmets on?

There will be a mass ticketing for the mass violation like what happened Friday morning when Tau Gamma Phi (TGP) fraternity members had a motorcade along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City as part of the celebration of their organization’s 50th founding anniversary.

At first, it seemed the frat members were in big trouble for their boldness and carelessness.

One TGP member tried to coax the MMDA officers to just exempt them from the fine in consideration of their once-a-year motorcade to celebrate the fraternity’s anniversary, but to no avail.

Another frat member, who seemed resistant to paying the large fine, dared the traffic officers to be fair by fining any rider without a helmet, which the MMDA officers gladly obliged starting with them.

Soon, the officers ran out of tickets, which were already depleted after they fined dozens of tricycle drivers that used the national road earlier.

Nonetheless, it was a good day for the MMDA. For the no helmet violators alone, the agency stands to collect P750,000 in fine from all 500 riders, or P1.5 million if all co-riders are included. For the Triskelion riders, it was a bad and costly day.