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84% of Pinoys happy with democracy




An overwhelming majority of Filipinos — 84 percent according to the latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey taken last month — approved of the way democracy works in the Philippines.

Held 15 to 23 of September, the result of the 2018 SWS third quarter survey was a vast improvement from the 78 percent in March 2018 and statistically tied with the high 86 percent registered in September of 2016.

“Satisfaction with the way democracy works has ranged from 59 to 86 percent since June 2010,” the SWS said in comparing the survey results.

Broken down, the polling firm said 59 percent of the 1,200 survey respondents said democracy is their preference while 20 percent answered they sometimes prefer authoritarianism.

Whether it’s democracy or authoritarianism, 19 percent of those surveyed said “it does not matter.”
The pollster referred to 59 percent as “committed democrats” and the 20 percent “conditional authoritarians.” Those who are in the 19 percent were tagged “indifferent.”

The six-point increase between the September and March figures showed increasing satisfaction with the democratic space in the Philippines, SWS said.

The SWS said the September 2018 survey found increases in satisfaction with democracy among committed democrats, conditional authoritarians, and those who were indifferent.

It said satisfaction was the highest among committed democrats at 88 percent or also a six-point increase from 83 percent in March this year while satisfaction jumped by five points among conditional authoritarians from 75 to 80 percent in the same period.

While satisfaction was the lowest among those who were indifferent at 74 percent, the score was still six points better compared to 68 percent in the March 2018 survey.

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