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Securing your home made easy



Cities in Metro Manila have been having CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras installed in public places to help the authorities maintain peace and order in their communities.

Investing in such technology has become necessary nowadays to stem the rise in crime rates in the country. The minds behind the latest security technology believe that never has it become more needed than in our own homes.

Citing statistics from the Philippine National Police, makers of MiGuard, a wholly Filipino-owned company, say “a total number of 1,040,987 crimes was recorded from the year 2016 to 2018. For murder cases, 19,210 was recorded while more than 50,000 cases of theft was listed in that same period. Meanwhile, according to the Center for Women’s Resources, a shocking statistic shows that a woman or a child is raped every hour in the country.”

MiGuard is a brand under the Green Energy company which produces CCTV systems. It recently introduced a new technology called MiGuard Security Alarm System, a security system that goes beyond surveillance.

MiGuard is being marketed as a package, its makers explain, because it includes other features designed to “prevent crimes” and also allow home or business owners to act on emegencies right away.

Axel Craig Frencillo, MiGuard account manager, explains that their system of alarms is designed to cover needs for “home care, family care and real-time monitoring.”

“The MiGuard System has a 24/7 Command Center which can detect what’s happening around the home or business establishments from the wireless or no-cord do-it-yourself devices.”

The system, he adds, can accommodate up to 100 devices, which may all be connected to the console, which is the “brains” of the system.
The console is activated by a passive infrared sensor that detects human body heat even in darkness.

It also comes with a water leak detector, fire or smoke sensor and a medical call button (to call for help in cases of medical emergency).

Moreover, it has a 90-angle camera which has a 360-degree view, and an SOS or panic button that alerts the MiGuard Command Center, which will then dispatch the proper team.

“It is not only your loved ones that we want to protect. We also want to take care of your homes. To safeguard your home from fire and even flood, a problem most of our people face in times of rainy season,” MiGuard president Manuel Syquian Jr. said.

“We have a 24/7 command center in Quezon City that would respond to the help needed by our subscribers. I am proud to say that we are in partnership with the PNP, Bureau of Fire and Protection and Public Hospitals in the city. We are looking forward to replicating this in other cities in the near future,” Syquian explained.

The command center is located in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

The premium package of MiGuard Security Alarm System consists of different devices including: the Console, Pan&TUt HD IP Camera, Motion Detector, Door Sensor, SOS Button, Medical Button, Gas Detector, Water Leak Detector, Smoke Detector and Remote Controls. All these can be controlled via one’s mobile phone.

Notably, the Medical Button designed for the elderly ones who are often left at home is something new and different for a home alarm system.

This integrated home security and surveillance system can be subscribed for about P500 a month.

The whole security and surveillance package costs from P25,000 and up, which can be paid on an installment basis.

For questions concerning the product, the hotline number is 717-9806 or visit their website at