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Reinventing classic Cantonese cuisine



Executive Chinese chef Raymond Yeung presents an exciting new menu for Li Li of AG New World Manila Bay Hotel, featuring classic Cantonese favorites and dishes inspired by contemporary world cuisine.

The new menu showcases Yeung’s creative take on traditional Cantonese cuisine, reflected in his skillful preparation and cooking methods along the incorporation of both locally-sourced ingredients and specialty items such as Mexican abalone, poultry imported from Hong Kong, A4 Japanese Saga Wagyu and scallops, to mention a few. It is a delicious marriage of traditional Cantonese cooking methods and unconventional ingredients, served creatively.


The executive Chinese chef also reinvents the traditional Yum Cha menu with his own interpretation through a play on textures and flavors, featuring handpicked dim sum items expertly prepared with both locally-sourced premium ingredients and specialty delicacies such as abalone and scallops.

Guests can enjoy over 30 kinds of freshly prepared homemade dim sum. The gastronomic journey begins with unlimited selection of handmade delectable offerings starting with appetizers, specialty soups, barbecue dishes, and a wide assortment of steamed and deep-fried dim sum; and ends with delightful desserts and refreshing teas from the tea bar. All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum is available from Monday to Sunday, 12 to 2:30 p.m., at P1,088 nett per person.

TIGER Prawn.

Yeung hails from Hong Kong, with a career spanning 27 years in the hospitality industry. He has worked in prestigious hotels and properties in Asia, mostly in his home country, Hong Kong, where he honed his skill in traditional Cantonese cuisine. The chef has previously worked at The Reverie Saigon, where he often prepared dishes for the Chinese Embassy and the President of Vietnam.

His strong background in Cantonese cuisine has earned him the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic Gold Award in 2009. His unique approach to the craft through the application of traditional cooking techniques in modern Cantonese cuisine reflects a style that creates a richly unique identity for Li Li.

“My passion for my craft helps me express my creative side in the kitchen. Developing new dishes, experimenting with unique flavors, utilizing unconventional ingredients, and creating visually-stimulating presentations helps me bring my own personality into Li Li through each dish’ authentic and unique characteristic,” reveals Yeung.

A VARIETY of Sharks Fin soup.

As the executive Chinese chef for Li Li, Yeung helps ensure that the restaurant’s quality and standards are maintained by overseeing the consistent implementation of the approved menu and training the culinary team in the preparation and presentation of each and every dish – one of the reasons why Li Li remains a classic favorite among locals and international guests.

Li Li is known for creating the most authentic Chinese dining experience, offering the flavors of Cantonese culinary delights, using only the freshest of ingredients and live seafood. The restaurant offers a stylish residential space that features five private dining rooms as well as an extensive selection of premium wines and tea.

For more information and reservations, contact the hotel directly at telephone +63 2 252 6888, email or visit