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Beat the blues amid changing weather



We’re more than happy to welcome sweater weather and the champorado that comes with it, but certainly not the potential health threats that rainshowers can bring. You can keep yourself comfortable and at the pink of health with a must-have starter pack with essentials such as the following:

Never feel ‘under the weather’

Cough, cold and fever are a hindrance to one’s day-to-day routine performance so take vitamin C supplements. Rhea Ascorbic Acid is said to help bring about stronger immune system to help you stay away from other complicated health issues as well. With camphor, eucalyptus and menthol as active ingredients, Rhea Cold Rub, meanwhile, helps relieve nasal congestion and cough associated with common colds brought by the rainy season.

Say no to dry skin and chapped lips

Lips and skin dryness are inevitable during this season. The thin layer of muscle that constitutes the lips makes it more prone to dehydration especially when exposed outdoors. This can be avoided by applying lip balm. Try the new Apollo Lip Balm to protect the lips and Apollo Petroleum Jelly for dry skin.

Be First-Aid ready

Braving the floods poses many dangers but Cleene Ethyl Alcohol and Cleene Hand Sanitizer can provide you with your antibacterial fix. Not only can they kill germs, but they have just a mild “stinging” feeling when applied to wounds. Together with Mediplast plastic strips, you’re sure to be first-aid ready this season.

Keep your baby safely moisturized

The Oatmeal Bath Wash is enriched with colloidal oats that create a protective barrier on babies’ skin not just to protect it from allergens, but also to lock in moisture. It is good for adults, too.

Freshen the air

To get rid of wet weather smells which can unfortunately invade our home and closets, a solution would be to use the Albatross Scented Gel, which comes in Apple, Lavender and Tropical Fruit fragrances, for your different moods.

Keep it cool

Koolfever, Japan’s bestselling fever relief pad, brings quick, effective relief and an enhanced feeling of well-being — suitable for babies, kids and adults!

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