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How to bring nature to live you



Will you rather lounge in your own balcony and sing out to a vista of grass and trees or spend the moment in the middle of a bad traffic snarl and smog? Many people will likely pack up and relocate somewhere in the countryside, where open space and fresh air are unlimited, without leaving all urban living advantages behind.

Zadia helps make this happen as the low-density condo community in Sta. Rosa, Laguna offers day-to-day living in a picturesque suburb while affording residents modern lifestyle comforts from the bustling Greenfield City. Imagine the exhilaration of a nature-rich enclave like Zadia where more than 80 percent of the land area is open space and where home units can be made in a “Greenspired” way by bringing the outdoors in.

The Zadia residential condominium. (Contributed photo)

The Zadia residential condominium. (Contributed photo)

Living in Zadia means bringing nature to live with you in many ways.

Match the beauty of the landscaped gardens in Zadia by cultivating miniature plants inside the house. For your own mini garden, pick succulents, herbs and terrariums that require little care yet provide moments of stillness and joy. Place them on the bedroom side table or in your kitchen area.

You don’t have to literally bring nature inside. Every home unit in Zadia has a balcony that serves as your front-row seat to the scenic outdoor. Escape there with a good book or enjoy breakfast with your spouse from the condo deck that opens up to an expanse of green gardens, blue sky and plenty of cool country air.

You can let natural light in through the wide glass windows of your unit. Aside from the fact that everything looks good bathed in sunlight, this practice will save money on your electricity bill. Also, the almost floor-to-ceiling windows give unit owners a good view of the park-like green fields that surround the Zadia community.

Whether your unit is a studio or a combined studio sanctuary, you and your loved ones can get daily Greenspirations by filling your generously spaced interiors with mood-enhancing nature sounds or by mounting landscape paintings on the tall walls.

Another way is to use natural materials to decorate space, like a pandan mat or wicker basket bought from artisans in Laguna or found objects like twigs and driftwood from a family trip to Tagaytay City, which is just a short drive from Zadia.

Shop for colorful fruits from nearby Greenfield City Weekend Market and arrange these in a bowl atop your dining table or the kitchen counter for that pleasant pop of nature.

You and your loved ones can have a life tailored to your style and resources within the nature-filled condo community of Zadia, developed by Greenfield Development Corporation.

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