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On higher grounds

A place for enlightenment and rejuvenation.



By Roel Hoang Manipon

Except for the monument of the historic Battle of Bessang Pass, Cervantes is not usually on the radar of many tourists. The town sits on the southwestern edge of Ilocos Sur with the Cordillera mountain range straddling the area and the Abra River winding through it, the geography providing for a dramatic and picturesque backdrop.

THE retreat village is set against a picturesque background of the Abra River and the Cordilleras.

Here, a small retreat resort village was developed by Master Del Pe, considered as a “guru of higher consciousness” by many people. The MDP Village is perched on the foothills of the Cordilleras, lush with vegetation and built with amenities such as accommodations, sports facilities and spaces for meditation, seminars and other social functions.

A resident of Cervantes, Master Del Pe returned to establish the retreat village after years of being an overseas worker. A near-death experience launched a search for the meaning of life, which took Del Pe to many parts of the world. He said he was personally mentored by four advanced masters, one of whom is an immortal yogi in the Himalayas. His learnings he wrote in nine books and teaches to his students. He is also frequently invited to talk on spirituality, higher consciousness, social entrepreneurship, healing and esotericism, among others.

MDP Village in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur.

Master Del Pe built MDP Village as a place of enlightenment and rejuvenation.  Upland Cervantes serves as the perfect place, being quiet, cool and charmingly rustic, with several thermal hot springs, streams and waterfalls as well as forests and rice fields. The village has organic fruit and vegetable gardens with panoramic views of mountains and rivers.

He also envisions the village to be a gathering place for spiritual leaders and for students who want to learn. Thus, he organizes the International Convention on Higher Consciousness (ICHC), which will be on its second edition from 28 September to 1 October. He hopes that the ICHC will serve as a platform to launch ideas, programs and projects in a nurturing and natural environment.  He also says that the convention is a way to put Cervantes on the tourism map, especially for those seeking spirituality and retreat.

The Second ICHC will gather visionaries, thinkers, philanthropists, psychics, spiritualists, New Age advocates, self-help gurus, social impact investors and humanitarians for a four-day rejuvenating, awakening and enlightening retreat. The retreat convention will also provide benefactors and philanthropists with an arena to find advanced causes and pioneering projects to fund. Part of the proceeds of the Second ICHC will benefit six charitable, non-profit programs.

A LIFE mentoring session with Master Del Pe.

The retreat convention will cover four tracks—consciousness and inner awakening, a conscious path to an enlightened life, longevity and well-being consciousness and actualizing the inner awakening.

“We aim to cultivate the ability to achieve a more balanced and enlightened life,” says Master Del Pe, “and equip our delegates with advanced tools to develop the conscience in entrepreneurship and wisdom in leadership.”

The Second ICHC offers eight key takeaways that integrate Eastern spirituality with Western practicality. Invited are speakers and panelists who espouse higher principles and values from North America, Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.

Speakers include Dr. Alfredo Pascual, CEO of the Institute of Corporate Directors and the 20th president of the University of the Philippines; Dr. Alfonso Lagaya, first director general of the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC); John Gage, co-founder of JavaOne and board member of the Human Needs Project; Frederick Marx, Oscar- and Emmy-nominated producer-director and founder of Warrior Films; Mamadou Toure, founder of Africa 2.0 Foundation and one of Forbes’ 10 Most Powerful Men in Africa; Diana Nunez, international branding expert from Peru and a professor at the Peruvian University of Sciences; Moni Platt, medical intuitive and a BEwell Science Expert at MDP BElife; Anne Martine Kappel, founder of True North Leadership; Dr. Marivic Villa, medical director at The Villages, Florida; Dr. Toni Francis, BEwell Science Energy Medicine specialist, Europe, at MDP BElife; Jen Viloria, founder and Impact Investor of IISLA Ventures; Dr. Alessandra Zambelli, founder and managing director of Aquarian Trinity Solutions; Rega Stellar, co-founder of MDP Village and a seer; Angelica Umali, founder of Aquarius Naturals and former global brand manager for MNCs); and Sunee Kay, philanthropist and administrator at BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness.

Interested parties may join the retreat convention.

“Invest not only in your material success but also in your soul awakening,” says Master Del Pe. “The Second ICHC is perfect for individuals who wish to expand their consciousness, get healed and experience balance in life.”

He adds: “It will be an opportunity for the more advanced souls and leaders to mentor or guide the delegates with new paradigms and breakthrough strategies.”

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