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PH traffic third slowest in Asia




Traffic in the Philippines has the third slowest movement in Southeast Asia, according to a study presented at the recently concluded “Drive for Road Safety” event sponsored by 3M.

It says the Philippines has an average traffic time of 66 minutes, third only to Jakarta’s 72-minutes and Thailand’s 68 minutes. This means that an average motorist in Manila consumes 66 minutes of drive time per trip on the road.

Ariel Lacsamana, 3M president and managing director, said there are three major factors critical to the making of a driver-friendly environment in the country.

“Road infrastructure, education and car condition are the three main things we should work on for road safety,” Lacsamana explained.

These factors, added Lacsamana, will have to go hand-in-hand in order for the Philippines to leap from our current meager road status.

The same forum also reported an average of 34 road crash deaths daily for the Philippines. And while road condition and car failures contribute to this statistic, Lacsamana stressed it still boils down to proper education and attitude.

“Aside from going back to basics and following rules, drivers need to have better attitude and proper sleep. Everything follows after that, better productivity, better attitude, better driving,” Lacsamana said.

Project manager for Road Safety echoed Lacsamana’s worries but added a call to all involved in the road safety project to become a “vehicle of information dissemination that would lead to an eventual transformation.”

“Let’s make this thing sexy again. Let’s make it understandable and let’s explain to the people — the basics, the needs, the rules,” the manager urged everyone at the forum.

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