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What’s your perfect pair?



Even the choice of coffee can show one’s uniqueness. Some want their coffee to be totally black, some with a generous serving of cream and sugar, some giving meticulous attention to the kind of coffee beans used in brewing, or either hot or iced.

And that choice does not even end with coffee itself. The bread or pastry to match the perfect blend is also of prime importance, and would complete a breakfast, lunch, merienda or perhaps, even something to cap a long day.

Tim Hortons, Canadian coffee chain brand, makes the choice even easier for its patrons this September with an array of pairs for everyone’s favorite brew.

COFFEE with Grilled Cheese Panini.

To start with, Tim Hortons already has the wide range of coffee choices. It has whole ‘latte flavors’ made from premium espresso or in its signature flavors of Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel and Hazelnut.

The Classic has the smooth medium and balanced blend of Tim Hortons Original Blend Coffee, which is made from expertly roasted 100 percent Arabica beans. There’s also Double Double (two creams and two sugars) and refreshing Iced Coffee.

“We have always been known for our fresh sandwiches and baked goods and, of course, our great coffee,” says Stephanie Guerrero, marketing director of Tim Hortons Philippines.
“For this month, we want to highlight the expertise that come with every cup of coffee Tim Hortons serves. Our coffee lineup will be the perfect companion to give you a boost throughout the day,” she added.

Guests who attended the media affair at the Glorietta 4 branch were given first dibs on the suggested pairs for September, most with very witty names. Guests also took part in a Coffee Trivia Quiz to know Tim Horton’s as a brand and also the trivia about coffee.

RED Eye Iced Capp and Triple Chocolate Muffin.

These interesting, not to mention, delicious pairs are Chicken Ciabatta with Iced Coffee (“Ciabattalaga for you”), Iced Latte with Birthday Cake Timbits (“Don’t be Latte on my Birthday”), Iced Coffee with Grilled Cheese Panini (“Feelin’ Cheesy with my Coffee”), Apple Fritte with Red Velvet Latte (“Fratte”), Double Double and Old Fashioned Doughnut (“Nothing Beats Classic”), Original Blend Coffee and Maple Dip Doughnut (“So Canadian”) and Red Eye Iced Capp and Triple Chocolate Muffin (“The Dark Side of Tims”).

These are but only suggestions, and the choice of coffee and pastry are entirely up to an individual’s personal tastes or mood. But it wouldn’t be a difficult choice with a variety of choices for pastries and breads, and Tim Horton’s array of coffee drinks.

Tim Hortons’ bean-to-cup process starts as coffee beans are sourced from the best coffee growing regions, roasted and blended to perfection using a recipe known only to four people in the world.

Yes, you read it right: Known only to four people in the world.

It’s interesting to note that a global team of experts also taste-test 500 cups per day to ensure Tim Hortons coffee’s taste and quality are consistent worldwide. One would wonder if these global experts even get to sleep at all with too much coffee, but then again, that would be a dream job for any coffee lover.