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On the latest lust-worthy gadget



Actress/artist Heart Evangelista-Escudero, Argentinian businessman Nico Bolzico and French-Filipino content creator Erwan Heussaff have one thing in common: they love to create, and they create using inspirations from their colorful lives.

Power of art

“I am grateful for all my life experiences, whether they may be pleasant or challenging,” shares Heart, an artist who continues to redefine herself to make a difference using her talents and passions. “I keep my head held high no matter what and I always look forward to better days ahead.”

As one of the country’s modern-day artists whose career spans over two decades, Heart is always working toward the best version of herself and empowering others especially through her artistic ventures and humanitarian endeavors.

“Throughout my travels and ventures, I have witnessed the power of art, ideas and passion to move people and make them do wonderful things. Through my Galaxy Note9, I wish to showcase that ability and share my enthusiasm for life with others,” the global fashionista shares.

At the launch of Samsung’s latest gadget, the much-hyped Galaxy Note9, the three brand ambassadors showed why it is a force to contend with in the smartphone industry.

Galaxy Note9 comes with the Connected Bluetooth S Pen that makes it easier for Heart, for instance, to create when she is on-the-go. She also uses her smartphone to capture photos for her next inspiration. She can use the S Pen as a clicker to take better photos, browse through her phone gallery and, of course, do her sketches. There are other various uses of the S Pen and with continued use of about 30 minutes, it only needs 40 seconds inside the Note9 to charge back to its full power.

Gentleman ‘farmer’

Nico Bolzico, on the other hand, is an energetic gentleman who exudes the work-hard-play-hard lifestyle. But away from the camera, Nico is into sustainable agriculture and teaches farmers in the country to practice it and aims to position the country as a leading agro-export nation.

“My goals and dreams keep me eager to achieve more and become better in life,” said Nico, the social media star and businessman. “By keeping these things in mind, I get to power through my busy schedule, no matter how hectic it gets.”

With his hectic schedule, the Galaxy Note9 complements Nico’s lifestyle especially with its long-lasting 4,000 mAh battery . It helps him accomplish more, like sending and answering emails, calling his family or friends, and streaming content with a faster loading experience. This is because the Note9 operates on a 10-nanometer Application Processor.

The smartphone also has a pioneering 128GB base capacity and supports expandable memory up to 512GB, with 1TB of storage.

“The Galaxy Note9 is the best smartphone for an energetic and driven guy like me. I’m so glad to be back with Samsung as I keep on working to become better and help others to the same thing,” added Nico.

KEVIN Lee, managing director of Samsung Philippines, demonstrates the unique features of the newly released Samsung Galaxy Note9.

Content specialist

For Erwan Heussaff, a chef, restaurateur and content creator, he is quick to admit that he is always on the lookout for ways to improve his craft.

“When you’re a food and travel enthusiast, it’s always important to keep your mind open and your senses engaged. That’s the only way to learn as much as possible and to help others see the beauty of other cultures and lifestyles,” shares Erwan.

With his Galaxy Note9, he was able to take low-light shots and Super Slow-mo videos. The smartphone has an Intelligent Dual Camera with Auto Focus Recognition and Auto-Flaw Detection which makes the pictures taken look professional and breathtaking.

THE front face of the newest smartphone.

“There’s always something new and exciting to discover every day and the Galaxy Note9 helps me share what I see, as how I see it, to everyone. I’m excited to travel and shoot more awesome content for everyone with my new super powerful device.”