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Prized finds at the Casa



Casa de Memoria auction house, which opened its doors once more for The Casa Interiors, held a showcase of opulent pieces whose old-world charm can adapt to any kind of home, whether traditional or modern.

HEART Evangelista-Escudero, Casa de Memoria ambassador, at the auction featuring pieces of Spanish Surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

One of the highlights in the auction held on 8 September was Spanish Surrealist Salvador Dali’s “Cosmic Rhinoceros.” The bronze sculpture with a green patina was one of this auction lots’ most prized piece.

One of the most prolific artists of his time, Dali created artworks with strange and fantastical elements and “Cosmic Rhinoceros” was no exception. The work features a Florentine green rhinoceros carrying a pyramid of golden orbs, standing on a marble base.

The bronze figure is one of only 99 pieces made in the world and carries a certificate from Paris from the foundry it was made.

There’s something for everyone at The Casa, whether it’s to finally own a Dali piece or an intricate 18th Century Qing dynasty porcelains. 

Aside from the Salvador Dali sculpture, many more rare pieces included a few Hispano-Filipino religious images. Crafted by the skilled Filipino peasant class during the 16th to the 19th century, Hispano-Filipino ivory artifacts have made their way to churches and museums around Europe and Mexico with only a few pieces left in the Philippines.

When furnishing the home, these decorative pieces can be placed atop various Casa de Memoria furniture such as 18th century Hispano-Filipino style side tables with straight tops and lyre-shaped legs made with exotic woods and a 19th century French empire console table veneered with mahogany and topped with black marble. One of the most luxurious pieces is the ebonized wooden corner cabinet from 19th century Italy with mother-of-pearl inlays fashioned as flowers and brass accents.

There’s something for everyone at The Casa, whether it’s to finally own a Dali piece, or find intricate 18th Century Qing dynasty porcelains to 16th European oil paintings, perfect for one’s home.

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