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Toyota online treats for 30 years



Toyota Motor Philippines, celebrating their 30th year in the Philippines, has launched an online, interactive promo that caters to past, present and future owners of Toyota vehicles.

For those who wish to relive their stories of Toyota, whether as a child, an adult or even in today’s setting, Toyota published a website called ‘Me and My Toyota.’

This website urges Toyota owners to write down their life experiences with their Toyota cars and share it with other like-minded and experienced motorists. ‘Me and my Toyota’ aims to connect the motoring public through stories of love and passion for life with their favorite Toyota model.

The microsite was launched last 23 August 2018 and will run until 7 February 2019.

Participants simply need to upload a memorable photo or video of their Toyota vehicle at the ‘Me and My Toyota’ site to get a chance to win premium prizes.

Winners will be randomly selected at three different draw dates: the first on 25 October, the second on 20 December and the last on 14 February 2019. Early submissions will have higher chances of winning, so make sure to share your Toyota story now!

You can do this by going to, register and upload your entries.

For those who use Viber a lot– and many today do– you can also get a Toyota sticker pack.

The Toyota sticker pack contains greetings and shout outs that are used by many on the digital platform today.

Simply go to the sticker market of Viber, look for the sticker pack ‘Say It With Toyota’ and download the pack for free.