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The bounty and the best of Negros



The island of Negros is rich with heritage, culture, cuisine and crafts. Now, the people of Metro Manila and other provinces as well as foreign visitors will be able to experience the bounty of the island in the heart of the Visayas.

The 33rd Negros Trade Fair, the longest running provincial trade fair, will be held at the Glorietta Activity Center, in Makati City, from 26 to 30 September. From unity in adversity, to unity in diversity, Negros is sharing a pieces of itself to the world.

Glorietta mall will once again be a one-stop venue, showcasing the best of the best from food to fashion, and from furniture to art and crafts.

This yearly event, spearheaded by the Association of Negros Producers Inc. (ANP), aims to promote the Negrense culture, craft, heritage and art as it pulls together producers from various industries who represent the best of Negros.

At the fair, a multi-sensory shopping experience awaits attendees.

Using natural fibers such as pandan and nito, Artisana Island Crafts has been weaving an eco-friendly touch into their designs. Their simple yet striking houseware gifts and decors include placemats, baskets, storage boxes, trivets and so much more.

Dedicating their cause to helping the underprivileged, has reached thousands of lives through collaborative partnerships and collective efforts. They have created different home accessories, decors, gifts and furniture and have worked hand in hand with local artists to create great pieces that will not only provide livelihood opportunities for the Filipino people but support the mission of creating a brighter future for all Filipinos.

3a’s Crafts provides simple, unique and functional housewares, gifts and decors that make your living space more vibrant. On the other hand, Saturn Arts and Crafts’ bags, wallets, trays, candy bowls and other products are equally captivating.

Remodel your home with re-used and upcycled slumped bottle products from Yssa’s Crafts to accentuate the beauty of your living space. Marvel also at their other glasswares bent into different shapes and products such as wind chimes, candle holders and serving dishes.

With the breathtaking beauty of the environment as Tumandok Showroom’s inspiration to create their pieces, you’d feel as though you are one with nature with their indigenous based home furniture and accessories.

Appreciate the details of hand-crocheted products. Bringing a touch of sophistication through the intricateness of their dinner napkins, glass holders, bags and decorative items, each of their pieces not only captures the eye captivates the heart.

Intricately handmade garments, delicately sewn, are found at a shop which uses traditional knitting styles that lets you enjoy both the classic and cozy.

Meanwhile, produce carefully hand-smocked and hand-sewn clothing for little ladies and gentlemen everywhere.

Products not only catch peoples› attention with their colorful figurines, crucifixes, tissue holders and boxes made from recyclable materials but also captures peoples’ hearts with their cause of helping differently-abled folks and donating funds for the improvement of the educational system in the municipality.

REMODEL your home with re-used and upcycled slumped bottle products from Yssa’s Crafts.

Piña textile is probably one of the most luxurious materials in Filipino fashion as it is hand-loomed by only a few weavers and is lightweight, versatile and beautiful. Makers of fine piña fabric garments, inspired by traditional and modern Filipino designs are perfect for those special occasions. An artisan who has mastered her craft, Ruby is behind every intricate and tasteful pattern that goes on her unique pieces.

Negros’ rich flora and fauna have always served as inspiration. Their modern and high-end furniture not only captures nature’s magnificence, but also propels the creation of livelihood for Filipino families in rural areas.

For nearly 10 years, Creative Definitions has been advocating and producing products that are proudly Filipino-made. Also, with their handwoven scarves, shawls and blankets made from 100-percent cotton, they, together with the Kabankalan weavers, have been keeping the craft of traditional weaving alive.

Grab something sweet from Virgie’s Homemade Products and get a taste of the sugar capital of the Philippines. Offering quality delicacies since 1974, their bestsellers include mango tart, caramel tart, meringue and galletas.

Casa Carmela is best known for its tagline, “Bacolod in a bottle” with its offerings of genuine Negrense cuisine anytime, anywhere, such as pitaw, Sexy Squid, smoked bangus, inasal marinade and more.

Make your meals more memorable with Kusina Jamora’s famous ginamos, dilis, kalkag, sardines and more, all bottled up to fit into your cupboard.

Ading’s Gourmet Talangka (crab fat) makes a great pantry staple. Perfectly seasoned with salt, herbs and spices, this is a new item in Ading’s lineup of best-selling gourmet delicacies in a bottle.