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‘Horrendous’ Manila Zoo slammed



Rochelle Regodon of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia yesterday decried the “horrendous conditions” of animals at the Manila Zoo contrary to “the absurd claims” made by the zoo’s management.

Regodon described the zoo’s claim that the animals are getting the best care as “transparently self-serving.”

“Visitors to the decrepit facility can see the suffering with their own eyes, including that of the lonely elephant Mali,” she said.

The elephant has “suffered for decades in a cramped and barren enclosure—and the lions pace listlessly,” she added.

PETA Asia said the animals’ “obvious misery” is the reason why #BoycottManilaZoo is trending and “why so many are furious about the deplorable living conditions.”

The group claimed the zoo continues to defend the indefensible with its callous objective to keep everything the way it is.

“Instead of forcing animals to continue to languish in this entirely inadequate facility, the zoo should begin the process of transferring all the animals to reputable sanctuaries where they can get the space, comfort and care that they deserve,” Regodon said.

“People who genuinely care about animals will continue to stay far away from the Manila Zoo,” she added.

The entry for Manila Zoo in the travel website tripadvisor also had very negative comments about the facility.

One visitor wrote in her review that “I felt this heavy feeling in my chest upon seeing these animals in this state, they seem so agitated, restless and uncomfortable.”

“It’s very sad that we put these animals into captivity and could not take care of them properly,” said the reviewer Kate Kathleen.

“Some fences or cages that houses dangerous animals can be easily entered, most especially by small children. So, I think parents and guardians should pay close attention to their kids if they will be visiting this place,” she warned.