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2018 Subaru Palm Challenge set



The craziest challenge to win a brand new Subaru is back on its 16th year and the Philippine leg will be held 22 to 23 September 2018 at the Bonifacio High Street.

Motor Image Pilpinas, exclusive distributor of Subaru in the Philippines, is asking those interested to register now.

The Subaru Palm Challenge is a contest of endurance, will and determination. What the contestants do is place their palms (one palm per contestant) onto a preselected spot on a Subaru for as long as they can without lifting their hands one bit.

Subaru Philippines is looking for the longest standing contestant who will be able to withstand physical challenges, unpredictable weather and mental pressure. The final 10 standing contestants will represent the Philippines in the Regional Palm Challenge final stage in Singapore from 26 to 31 October.

Participants in the regional challenge come from countries such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

The grand winner will not only win a title but also drive home the new Subaru Impreza. Last year, a Filipino came as close as third place in the regional challenge, standing almost 68 hours.

The winner of the 2017 challenge, a Singaporean, stood more than 72 hours (three days) with only five-minute breaks every four hours. The record is 82 hours and 16 minutes.