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‘Hot’ air-con




An air-conditioner invented by a graduate of Philippine Science High School in Goa, Camarines Sur may likely sell like hotcakes when it is mass produced.

The invention of 19-year-old Maria Yzabell Angel Palma, who hails from Naga City, uses a different compressor that is energy-efficient and does not use freon, a chemical refrigerant, so it does not emit hydrofluorocarbon which produces carbon dioxide and destroys the Earth’s ozone layer.

Palma’s so-called AirDisc air-con uses only 350 watts of electricity compared to the conventional one-horsepower (hp) unit that consumes 750 watts. She and her father plan to mass produce a half hp model that is only 150 watts once they get an investor.

Ironically, the air-con was based on an energy-efficient oven that Palma was developing for her science project in Grade 10. The copper tubes she used for the oven emitted cold air at the end of the tubes so she decided to replace the project with the AirDisc air-con.

The girl’s invention, however, won’t cool everyone. Conventional air-con sellers may likely sweat from Palma’s AirDisc if it becomes the consumers’ choice.