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Wrong move



A robber thought the darkness of the night would help him have an easy time taking valuables from a house in Dasmarinas, Cavite. He was wrong.

What he did not know was the owner had not only been alerted of his plans but was also experienced in dealing with criminals, being the deputy warden in Carmona, Cavite jail.

Before dawn Tuesday, suspect Michael Cuarresma, armed with a bolo, quietly slipped into the house of Mario Maligad only to be met with gunfire. The robber desperately pleaded for his life.

Maligad said he knew somebody might break into his home when he noticed efforts to disable the CCTV camera outside his residence.

“I alerted the security guards of our subdivision for assistance. I went out of our room and waited for him,” Maligad said.

Cuarresma was turned over to the police and will face charges for frustrated robbery and attempted murder. His only consolation is that he is not likely to be jailed in Carmona where Maligad is assigned.

The suspect is probably not aware of the saying that the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.