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A video posted on social media of a nonagenarian woman who joined a Zumba class and danced her heart out has been getting the attention of many netizens.

Eicko Vinluan who uploaded the video on Facebook said he was surprised when the elderly woman went to the front of an ongoing Zumba class at a mall in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan and began dancing in sync with the other participants.

The video showed the gray -haired old lady, gyrating and swaying to music, matching the moves of the Zumba students and obviously enjoying herself.

Many of those who saw her were amazed she could do Zumba moves that were challenging even to people half her age.

“She is 91 years old. I was really surprised she could dance that well,” said Eicko in his post. From the comments, it was learned that the dancing grandma is Julieta “Julie” Parolan.

According to those who know her, Lola Julie really loves to show her talent that she even joins beauty pageants and dance contests for senior citizens. During her youth, she used to go to TV stations to participate in noontime show contests.

Lola Julie, it seems, finally got fame and recognition.

Her video might even launch her into a new career as a Zumba dance instructor.