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Kia Grand Carnival bats for family car



The Kia Grand Carnival wants to be the ideal family vehicle executive transport of the Filipinos. And because of its size and space, it is well-suited to both these tasks.

So, Kia saw how the demand for the Grand Carnival in these demographics has risen and decided to provide an upgraded option to better suit customer needs.

The Kia Grand Carnival 7-seater is now available with an optional leather upgrade to accentuate the Carnival’s luxurious interior amenities.

All the seats, from the driver and front passenger seats, captain’s seats and rear bench are all covered with genuine leather. Aside from the inherent luxury that the material adds to any interior, it also serves several practical applications.

For families with young children, leather upholstery is easier to clean. Spilled liquids can be easily wiped down. And the best part of that is once dried, it doesn’t leave any stains on the leather.

Over time and with regular maintenance, leather gains more character that imbues a certain ambiance of class and sophistication that only genuine leather products can provide.

Naturally, premium materials come with a premium price tag. They are an investment.

Vehicles with leather interior appointments retain a higher resale value down the line, precisely because leather is more durable and maintains its desirable qualities longer than the usual cloth interior that most vehicles come with.