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Aussie deportation deferred




By Anthony Ching

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) yesterday deferred the deportation of 84-year-old Australian professor Gill Boehringer on account of his advanced age and poor health.
As Boehringer just came back from Sydney Wednesday, he may be given a few days’ rest before being sent back to Australia.

He was held by the immigration for allegedly participating in protest actions against the Philippine government, an activity deemed illegal for foreigners.

The Aussie’s name was on BI’s blacklist of undesirable aliens.

Boehringer was originally instructed by immigration officials to board a flight back to Sydney yesterday morning, but the trip was deferred for health considerations.

He has deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, said a supporter who asked that the Aussie not be forced to travel without medical clearance.

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