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Student-kidnappers fall



By Jason Faustino
and Kathleen Mae Bulquerin

Authorities said yesterday they rescued a 19-year-old student of Letran and arrested five of his kidnappers, all young men including a classmate and four others from various schools.
Four of those arrested are facing charges of kidnapping with their ransom demand of P30 million, while the other will be tapped as a state witness.

The victim, whom police identified only as “Roy,” was held for two days with his eyes and nose wrapped with packing tape.

He was only given water throughout the ordeal, said Movement for Restoration of Peace and Order chairman Ka Kuen Chua.

At gunpoint

The police Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG) said it was the first time that the unit encountered kidnap suspects as young as 19.

“They should be jailed or they’ll victimize more. Imagine they are so young but they are already thinking of committing crimes,” said the victim’s father Marlon in Filipino.

The victim was on his way home from school last Wednesday with his classmate, Jhulius Atabay, when three men grabbed them as they were about to board a bus and were forced inside a van, the AKG said.

“Roy” said the kidnappers pointed a gun at him and tied his hands and mouth, but did not do the same to Atabay, who was later released.

P30-M ransom

At past 9 p.m., Marlon said he received a call from Atabay, who told him of the kidnapping and the suspect’s P30-million demand.

Atabay gave inconsistent details on the kidnapping and volunteered to bring the ransom to the kidnappers, said Marlon, who then sought help from police.

The AKG said it monitored Atabay’s movements, leading to the house where Roy was held. It was there that the police arrested the five while their six cohorts remained at large.
The suspects claimed they have held the victim as part of initiation rites.

2 others nabbed

The AKG also reported the arrest of two suspects in the kidnapping of a 28-year-old.

Victim “Gary” narrated that he managed to escape his kidnappers, Christian Rueda and Giovanni Ojeda, by shouting inside a bank where he was asked to withdraw money.

“Gary” said Rueda earlier sold him a Montero Sport which had an issue and it was during a meet-up that he was kidnapped at gunpoint by the seller, with his accomplice Ojeda who posed as a mechanic.

In a press conference, the PNP also presented one Bonifacia Arista who tagged rookie policemen Michael Servo and Michael Omiping Servo as the alleged leaders of the group which kidnapped and released her upon ransom payment.