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How I fell in love with boxing



A couple of months before my 50th birthday, I felt that I was getting heavy. I’ve always been on the fairly thin side, so the heaviness was palpable. I decided right there and then that I must get myself into a fitness program. I’ve always had an aversion to gyms as seemingly complicated contraptions befuddle me. When my daughter brought up the idea of boxing, however, my eyes lit up. Where else can you release all that stressful, nervous energy and shed tons of sweat besides?

I remember my daughter telling the trainer to go easy on me, as I was almost 50. And for a while, he did.

The first week was crazy difficult. I couldn’t figure out the rhythm of the speed bag. I could only run a couple of times around the ring. And I always ended up tossing the jumping rope. It was just too much.

BEFORE boxing, she recommends that one should work their cardio first.

Rocky made it look easy, but boxing is far from that. It takes hours and hours of training to get all those movie moves down pat! Mwahahahaha.

What I liked most of all was the sparring sessions. That’s where I get serious. Because I’m not good at physical coordination, I really focus on what my trainer tells me. I also watched boxing videos, just so I get the moves right.

It was a revelation. For a few precious minutes, I didn’t have anything else in mind but to jab, jab, jab. Family, relationships, work, the meaning of life – thoughts of those just flew out the window. I was focused on doing just one thing – throw a punch and throw it right. Awesome!

In a few months, I actually got to a comfortable enough level where I was able to at least not let the speed bag control me. I was able to do fairly long runs. And yes, I even managed to do consecutive skips on the jumping rope without hurting myself. I also got better at this punching thing, and my trainer had me doing some Muay Thai moves as well. It was exhilarating.

But, as I found out later on, going from zero to anywhere on a 50-year-old body has its price. Some parts of me got swollen. Some parts of were in pain. Gosh, what was I thinking?!

I would find out later on that, of course, I did it all wrong!

A friend, who was a sports coach and a trainer, told me that I should have taken baby steps before I had my bout at the ring. I should have started with working on my cardio, maybe walking regularly every day, and then moving on to more strenuous activities before I got on the ring. Because I went ahead and played Rocky, I got all sorts of injuries, she said.

Oh, well!

THE author would always watch boxing videos to get the moves right during training.

As it turned out, it wasn’t my injuries that kept me off the ring. I gave birth to four human beings so, yeah, my threshold for pain is relatively high. I could suck it up. It was work, family, relationships and the meaning of life which eventually got me! The very things I was running away from caught up with me just the same! As Alanis would said, “Isn’t it ironic?”
I still have my boxing gloves with me, and I’ve been playing with the idea of having a punching bag installed in a spare room at home.

I’ll see you soon, Drago!