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Guilt-free dining choices



Forget foodie fads and caloric choices. As more and more people are opting to eat whole and healthy foods, restaurants and food manufacturers have come up with offerings that cater to a more refreshing and healthier choices.

Raintree Restaurants, in partnership with Doña Elena Olive Oil, recently introduced menu items packed with health benefits. It restaurant include Chelsea Kitchen in SM Megamall, Museum Cafe at the Ayala Museum Complex and Providore in SM Aura BGC, which are known and well-loved for their imaginative yet familiar menu choices.

Corporate chef Kalel Chan consistently proves that guilt-free options can be deliciously healthy.

Equal parts filling and flavorful, Chelsea Kitchen’s Chicken and Pesto Pasta (P530) is made with with Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil and Classic Green Pesto Sauce, mixed with the ideal ratio of cooking cream. Using Doña Elena Al Dente Fusilli Pasta, the final recipe is topped off with grilled slices of chicken and toasted croutons for a crunchy contrast. Doubly rich but deliciously balanced, the ideally smooth gorgonzola dip is made creamy with parmesan and breadcrumbs. Chelsea Kitchen is located at SM Megamall.

Irresistibly low-calorie and tasty, Ayala Museum’s M Café’s Slow Poached Salmon Confit (P650) uses the clean taste and firm texture of Norwegian salmon. It is a combination of the light but flavorful Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil along with some rosemary herbs, Doña Elena Black and Green Olives and a generous spread of Doña Elena Red Pesto Sauce. This dish also comes with a healthy portion of marble potato wrapped in sour cream and fresh arugula, making it a great choice for pescatarians, light eaters and those who simply want more Omega-3 in their diet.

Lovingly poured with Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil, the Chorizo and Tiger Prawn Gambas (P550) at Providore in SM Aura is a fresh take to an old favorite. Adding to its lively and bright flavors are the smoked pimenton, Spanish chorizo and tiger prawn ideally partnered with olive focaccia bread. Its delicate combination of spice and aromatic flavors also make it the perfect pair with rice.

When it comes to creating dishes that pack a ton of nutrients such as a high amount of antioxidants, polyphenols and oleic acids, Doña Elena Olive Oil is the cooking partner that also guarantees great tasting dishes. Each bottle is loaded with vitamins E, K and A that helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, fights bad cholesterol and trims down fat and calories.

The olive oils come in three variants: Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil that’s ideal for dips, drizzling and salad dressing; Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil for sautéing; and Doña Elena Pomace Olive Oil for frying and deep frying.

The recipes also incorporate Doña Elena Bottled Pasta Sauces. These sauces come in three combinations of Classic Green Pesto, Sun-dried Tomatoes with cheese (Red Pesto) and Ricotta and Smoked Provola Cheese variant.

Contact Chelsea Kitchen at 958-6777, Museum Café at 757-3000 and Providore at 802-9448 for inquiries and reservations.