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Class picture



As the “fiery” events of President Rodrigo Duterte’s third State of the Nation Address (SoNA) slowly die down, count on the Internet and netizens to fan the flames, especially on “relevant” matters.

Barely a day after the President’s SoNA, netizens once again took to the Internet in a quest to produce dank memes that surely tickle funny bones of teens and adults alike.

And netizens – having zero chill and a hundred percent creativity – found a “class picture” of the senators of the 17th Congress worthy of dankness that suits the tastes of bored social media people.

A group picture of the senators prior to the SoNA is circulating online with funny and sarcastic labels that provide comic relief and, of course, it went insanely viral.

So amused were the netizens that the photo was shared at least 23,000 times and counting in just two hours after the photo was posted on Facebook.

The photo shows the senators posing for posterity but a notable change was the labels superimposed over the senators in the photo describing their perceived personalities – or what people would think of their classmates – which elicited thousands of reactions.

It pointed out – with some kind of eerie accuracy – who is the principal, class president, the muse and even the valedictorian in the photo that generated interest and, well, the reason on why it went viral like wildfire.

One funnier aspect in the viral photo was the name of Sen. Leila de Lima, which was described as “Suspended ng Guidance” – aptly putting to life the lady senator’s time in detention.

The viral photo summarizes the brand of humor Filipinos have, and admit it or not, the humor was perfectly captured – like labeling classmates with witty, funny and sometimes unflattering nicknames.

Don’t you just love the nostalgia class pictures bring?