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Jail bank?



A surprise inspection conducted Saturday morning at the Metro Manila District Jail Annex 4 in Lower Bicutan, Taguig City yielded over half a million pesos in cash and other contrabands.

The authorities directed the detainees to leave their cells one by one, frisking them in the process. They also searched the cells and, to their surprise, found cash amounting to P630,000 in cell number 7.

It was allegedly the money of a still unnamed detainee facing murder charges. Also found in other cells were bank receipts involving transactions worth thousands of pesos each.

Investigators are trying to establish if the stash of money is related to the illegal drug trade or other criminal activities. But this early, the search has triggered wild speculations, including the possibility the money is being used in a lucrative 5-6 lending operation.

Or could there be an existing inter-jail banking system?

If so, the “central bank” could be at the National Bilibid Prisons where inmates allegedly still manage to conduct illegal drug transactions or even direct kidnapping operations outside the prison walls, right under the nose of former Philippine National Police chief and now Bureau of Corrections head Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.