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Caltex supports Pantawid Pasada



It’s not easy being an oil company these days.

What with the high prices of fuel hitting the global market, the continuous issue of petro-chemical products polluting the environment and the oil spills that have been regular features of oil transports!
But they try, they do try.

In fact, Caltex marketed by Chevron has been consistent in its effort to extend assistance to the public.

Just recently, it announced its support to the government’s Pantawid Pasada Program (PPP), an effort to alleviate the hardship of public transport drivers caused by the spiraling price of fuel.

In addition to giving discount on fuels to PUJ/PUB, Caltex has committed to give further support to the PPP of both the Department of Transportation (DoTr) and Department of Energy’s (DoE) launched last July 17.

To do this, selected gas stations in the Caltex retail network in Metro Manila are ready to accept Pantawid Pasada cards. These cards are distributed by government to public transport drivers and awards free fuel, discounted prices on oil products and other perks.

Caltex said all drivers need to do is bring their PPP cards to Caltex customer service representatives for validation before fueling up. It is important that the vehicle’s plate number matches with their cards.

In addition to these, Caltex loyalty cards such as HappyPlus and Robinsons Rewards Cards and other discount or rebate cards can still be used with the PPP cards and will be processed separately.

Caltex is also preparing its provincial retail network to accept PPP cards since the DoTr and the DoE are set to launch the same program nationwide.

“In addition to our continuing programs such as fuel discounts, loyalty rewards and social investment drives that help cushion our customers from fluctuating world oil prices, we and all our Caltex retailers are committed to support all government mandated programs to help achieve the same goal, “said Louie Zhang, CPI country chairman.