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Jeepneys unsafe without ABS — Bosch



Yes, of course we all know this. Are you even surprised I am writing this? But this puts into spotlight exactly what everybody knows yet nobody takes action on. That a foreigner corporate executive can say it to us with all the surprise he can muster is, if at all proper, almost insulting.

But Richard Walker, managing director of Bosch Philippines, makers of original car equipment like brake ABS, batteries, wiper and LED lights, says almost all of our public utility jeepneys have no anti-locking brake system (ABS) which is very dangerous.

Walker, who fully supported the Road Safety Initiative of the Transportation Department, believes ABS and other vehicle safety features like seatbelts and impact beams, should be mandatory to all public utility vehicles.

Bosch has an ongoing collaboration with the DoTr and the MMDA to promote the Philippine Road Safety Action Plan which aims to reduce road crashes and fatalities in half by 2020.

“We think all vehicles, especially public utility vehicles, must have these safety features in order to reduce road crashes that take lives. We at Bosch have always championed this cause and will support efforts to do so,” says Walker.