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Rain cleanse



In this fast paced world where everything needs to be instant, almost all are preoccupied with the daily routine works. Often, they neglect to pause, and let their bodies repair and recover from a poor lifestyle. Consequently, they are burned out and stressed emotionally.

As a result, they experience low energy, poor health, weight problems, difficulty in concentrating and indifference, which are signs of toxicity.

Unlike other ailments, toxicity is a condition that no amount of medication can relieve except by getting rid of the toxins that have accumulated in the body. A nutrient-rich vegan diet, detoxification process, psycho-emotional interventions, combined with rich thermal and spa experiences, and plenty of calorie-burning movements can be the key to recovery and the achievement of health and wellness.

A time to cleanse
The rainy season can be a perfect time to detox and cleanse. Rain, in some cultures, symbolizes purification.
At The Farm, one can experience an immersion in clean living through medically-guided fasting, treatments, physical movement and fitness to eliminate toxins from within while restoring the body’s ability to restore nutrients.

It also offers science-based detoxification, weight management and stress management programs that aid in reducing toxins, boosting overall immunity and encouraging mental clarity.

A setting to heal
Furthermore, The Farm at San Benito has up-to-date wellness technology and the perfect setting to revitalize the body, mind and spirit.

Its personalized healing programs are delivered by medical doctors, nurses and therapists. For The Farm to be successful in what it does, work has to come from passion, love and affection. Staff espouses service from the heart.

The serene and lush environment provides the best setting for fast and effective healing. Nature is an ever-present force at The Farm. The place is shaded by trees and nearby mountains. There are vast tracts of landscaped gardens interspersed with forest and vegetable pacthes. It is an environment conducive to meditation, rejuvenation and relaxation.

The Farm at San Benito is an escape from stress and toxicities in life. It specializes in preventing and addressing some of the most prevalent lifestyle illnesses from obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, to occupational pain and mental health.

Book from June 1 to September 30, and get as much as 30 percent savings in all-inclusive Health Optimization Programs from De-Stress and Revivify, Beauty and Vitality, Detox D’Lite, weight management/diabetes prevention and heart health, pain management and mental health, to fitness and sports enhancement programs

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