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Heavy duty



Nowadays, Makati Mayor Mar-len Abigail Binay is carrying a lot of weight, so to speak.

That’s because she is battling the problem of obesity among the city’s school children.

According to data from the Makati Health Department, overweight children numbered to 1,574 in the city last year or 2.69 percent of 57,509 students from different schools. That is more than the figure recorded in 2016 when there were only 2.02 percent or 1,254 overweight kids out of 62,079 students enrolled.

One of the strategies the mayor adopted is to hold a cooking demo for parents to teach them how to prepare nutritious yet non-fattening treats for their children.

The Homemakers and Wellness Kiddie Class and Cooking Demonstration program that kicked off at the Guadalupe Viejo Health Center on June 30 includes free monthly weight monitoring for participating children.

But if the scale readings remain high, it would just mean the kids are likely eating more pudding and, thus, the program would need necessary adjustments.

And rightly so, because the city’s problem on overweight school kids has some wags wondering if it is somehow related to the news that the Guadalupe Bridge in the city needs to undergo much-needed repairs in 2019.