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Rody’s ‘tambay’quips mere ‘dramatics’




Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo brushed aside President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncement against idlers as mere “dramatics.”

“That’s just drama – dramatics. The police know the President and they know the President will never tolerate abuse. They fear the President,” said Panelo in a mix of Filipino ang English.

The “drama” Panelo referred to was when President said in apparent jest that if policemen would not accost “tambays” that he’ll take care of the bystanders himself by throwing them into the river.

Panelo said that by “accost” the President clearly was referring to just questioning loiterers and not arresting them as some critics suggested.

Panelo assured the public that all abuses committed by the police will not be tolerated by the administration. He also backed Duterte’s strict implementation of the law because “in this country, following the law has become an option.”

Panelo conceded though that indolent people on the street often are to blame for delinquencies.

Panelo also dubbed ‘tambay’ as the source of delinquencies in the streets.