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What makes a ‘tambay?’



The Philippine National Police could be misdirecting its effort and energy going after people loitering in their communities in their renewed drive against ‘tambays,’ which is now on nationwide level, if statements made by the PNP Chief is to be believed.

The Philippines had changed in the last 20 years, with new business coming in and making it normal for Filipinos to work nightshifts, patronize 24-hour food joints, go to music and beer bars at night, and even hit the gym, some of which now operate 24/7.
Policemen patrolling the streets, on days and nights, are a welcome sight.

But arresting people who linger in sidewalks, outside their workplaces and abodes, and even in communities with houses without lawns, but with the streets and alleys serving as their open spaces, is wrong.

Also, I saw on television how several ‘tambays’ arrested were brought to police precincts in handcuffs, as if they were criminals already as they were still about to be booked.
The PNP would be better reviewing the laws as some senators claim they have decriminalized vagrancy already. Local ordinances could not supersede national laws.

Meanwhile, three basketball players had been stabbed during a melee in posh Bonifacio Global City. Where were they then?
I know the PNP could not spread its forces thinly.
But it could not concentrate in one just one place either.

Gremar Costumbre
Real St., Intramuros, Manila