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Construction of Mavulis base ongoing



Despite the inclement weather, construction of fishermen’s shelter on Mavulis Island, the country’s northernmost island, is continuing with personnel of the military’s Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom) at the helm with civilian volunteers.

Lt. Col. Isagani Nato, Nolcom spokesman, said that while the project on Mavulis Island, composed of a multi-purpose facility, is a little bit delayed due to various challenges, particularly bad weather conditions, works have been continuing.

“Construction of the fishermen’s shelter, a multi-purpose facility being jointly built by different stakeholders of the Nolcom, continues in the most isolated and northernmost uninhabited island of the country despite all odds,” Nato said.

“Building the facility for our fishermen on Mavulis Island of Itbayat in the Batanes province was a big challenge for Nolcom, which is spearheading the project, as it endures the natural obstacles and other hindrances they meet along the way,” he added.

The project, which started its consolidation and transporting of building materials on the first week of April, is expected to be completed by the end of August.

However, Nato admitted that the task to meet the August deadline is tough considering that groundworks and transportation are affected by the weather and proximity of the island to its adjacent inhabited island of Itbayat.

“Moreover, the Mavulis project has a unique set of works program being monitored on a weekly basis since it started. It allows flexibility of sequence as it engages stakeholders’ efforts in the share of construction materials,” Nato said.