Ace Banzuelo teams up with filmmaker JP Habac on ‘Meron Ba’ MV

Habac is responsible for some of the most iconic romantic dramas in recent years, including 2017’s ‘I’m Drunk, I Love You,’ 2021’s ‘Dito At Doon’ and 2023’s ‘Love You Long Time’


Filipino singer-songwriter and producer Ace Banzuelo relives the messy and glorious days of high school romance in the music video for his new single “Meron Ba.”

The MV is directed by award-winning filmmaker JP Habac, who is responsible for some of the most iconic romantic dramas in recent years, including 2017’s I’m Drunk, I Love You, 2021’s Dito At Doon and 2023’s Love You Long Time.

According to Habac, the concept behind the visual narrative is all about taking risks.

“For people who aren’t born into privilege and don’t have enough resources to take risks, decision-making is tough,” he said. “They don’t have a choice but to ask the universe for a sign or take a leap of faith, thinking that it would give them a sense of clarity. Taking risks is good if you have the privilege, but if not, you have to be realistic.”

Banzuelo stars as the dreamy student navigating the most painful and endearing parts of adolescence while getting entangled in a relationship mishap.

“I’m happy to express myself freely, not only as a musician but also as an actor in my music videos,” the prolific artist shared. “I enjoyed collaborating with direk JP as the experience gave me more ways to execute this video authentically.”

Habac appreciates the Muli performer for his valuable inputs on the project. “Ace is very hands-on with the material. It’s refreshing to witness how deeply involved he is, from concept development to the post-production phase. You can tell right away how protective he is with the vision of the song and how collaborative he is as an artist.”

The MV also stars young actors Pauline Quijano, Jack Burgos and Nour Hooshmand, who also played an important role in the music video of Banzuelo’s previously released single, “Tadhana.”

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