Wellness center celebrates a decade of healing

It’s a community of glowing women, whose lives have changed and have become one in their sustainable goal: To feel good, become better and healthier — and support fellow women to achieve the same.


A certain demographic of women who need support, healing, self-improvement or with fitness goals is drawn to ONELIFE, a center for Pilates and physical therapy.

This year, ONELIFE has turned 10 years old, and to celebrate, the studio’s clientele made up of mostly women gathered together last 23 May at the studio’s Estancia Mall branch to look back at how their journey began.

“Ten years ago, we started something small. We wanted a place for people to come and work on themselves without feeling intimidated, without feeling judged, without feeling insecure,” said an emotional Tanya Maria Aguila, founder of ONELIFE, during her speech at the company’s 10th-anniversary party.

Tanya Maria Aguila, founder of ONELIFE.

The party was packed with women in athleisure chic attire, sporting ONELIFE’s colors of blue, ecru, white and grey. It’s a community of glowing women, whose lives have changed and have become one in their sustainable goal: To feel good, become better and healthier—and support fellow women to achieve the same.

ONELIFE is clearly driven by the need to help a Filipino woman with her unique needs. It understands that a woman’s body is ever-changing, coupled with various experiences, such as the transition to motherhood, aging and juggling parenthood and career, and how these factors affect her body. Not to mention how women look at other women on social media.

“As a woman, it’s so difficult to really—with social media nowadays, right? It’s so difficult to keep up. And so we really wanted this place to become an even safer place for women,” mused Tanya.

Tanya described how ONELIFE through the years has shaped into a place for a variety of programs or “care tracks”—be it weight loss, strengthening, toning, posture correction or general fitness.

According to Tanya, they have the best licensed physical therapists in the country and internationally trained fitness coaches and consultants.

ONELIFE also introduced a care track that focuses on pregnant women, which Tanya says is the first in the country.

With studios scattered in major cities in the Metro — San Juan, Pasig and Makati — Tanya even plans to expand ONELIFE to reach and support more women.

“What we want to do, really, is to expand here more and abroad. We really want to be a Filipino company that expands abroad. So we are hoping to expand where our physical therapists go to: Australia, the US, Canada and hopefully, later on, Asia,” she shared.

If a woman has a physical injury or condition, ONELIFE designs a program to address these needs.

“What we do here is actually very bespoke,” added Tanya. “It’s personalized every single time. So in terms of program, we really customize it each time. What people can expect is that when they come here, it’s always like a new program for them, depending on what they need at the moment.”

“When you have a special condition, we ask for your doctor’s diagnosis and recommendation, and our PTs read that and they execute the program with a bit of a customized program from us as well,” she said.

ONELIFE’s community of its women clientele, who had forged friendships over the years, advocate women empowerment and support. Tanya, the women’s leader and friend, on her company’s 10th year, still carries that fervent passion in her crusade for women’s well-being and betterment.

“…We realized, to serve the people best, people like us who have special needs, who have special — you know, who need a little bit of support — we needed to specialize more and more. So we’re here. ONELIFE has evolved into a place that’s really for women. I dare say that we know women best,” Tanya concluded.

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