A man from Dasmariñas, Cavite had an unusual way of relieving his back pain. The “medication” he ordered online from Spain for P10,000 arrived at the Central Mail Exchange Center in Pasay City last 15 April.

He went to pick up the package declared as cornflakes.

Upon scanning the parcel through an X-ray machine, customs inspectors suspected that something else was inside the package of cereals, which are not for relieving back pains.

True enough, after a sniffer dog smelled the package, the K-9 sat, indicating illegal drugs inside it.

When the package was opened, its contents turned out to be five kilos of dried opium poppy buds. The consignee was charged with importing illegal drugs.

At the Jose Maria Cordova international airport in Rionegro, Colombia, a carton containing donated blood was destined for Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Fresh blood in special bags is usually transported from country to country by air so it can be quickly delivered for emergency application or doesn’t spoil during transit.

With red liquid inside three bags labeled biological blood samples and accompanied by tubes and drips inside the box, the items looked legit to airport inspectors.

Dulce knew better though. The K-9 sniffed the box and then sat beside it. Inspectors took the cue and opened the blood bags.

The content turned out to be 1.6 kilograms of liquid cocaine mixed with a red pigment to make it look like blood and fool authorities.

The sophisticated modus of drug traffickers impressed Colombian authorities who, fortunately, have drug-sniffing dogs they could rely on to foil such narco-smuggling tactics.

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