President’s 6-year term ‘too long’

(Photo from Robin Padilla Facebook Page)

Senator Robin Padilla on Thursday said he is planning to push for amendments in the political provisions of the 1987 Constitution like limiting the term of the president and elected officials to four years.

Padilla revealed his “alternative plan” after failing to gain support from his colleagues to amend the economic provisions of the Constitution via a constituent assembly or con-ass.

“We have another bill about the extension of terms, the reelection of (former) presidents, four-year term for local officials,” he said.

“If they don’t want (amendments) on the economic provision, we will try political (amendments),” he added. “Six years are not enough for a wise president, but for a foolish president, it is too much.”

The 1935 Constitution of the Philippines, which was in effect from 1935 to 1942 and again from 1945 to 1973, allowed the President to be re-elected for a second term.

However, the 1973 Constitution, in effect from 1973 to 1986, did not allow for re-election. The present 1987 Constitution also does not allow for re-election.

Manuel L. Quezon was the only President of the Philippines who was reelected under the 1935 Constitution.

Quezon was elected President in 1935 and re-elected in 1940. However, he died in office in 1944.

Padilla, who chairs the Senate panel on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes, insisted that his aspiration for Charter change is “not yet dead.”

He admitted, however, that cha-cha may be as good as buried with the rift in the House of Representatives.

Padilla was referring to former president and Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo being demoted from senior deputy speaker to one of several deputy speakers.

Arroyo promptly denied reports she was penalized for allegedly mounting a leadership coup against Speaker Martin Romualdez.

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