Join DepEd agenda, Sara asks private sector


Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte on Thursday urged the private sector to join the government in implementing the Department of Education’s MATATAG agenda.

“As the vice president and secretary of Education, I strongly encourage the private sector to join hands with the government and our development partners to ensure that we can achieve our objectives in education,” Duterte said in a speech for the Department of Education Partners Convergence.

“With the help of our partners, we can provide alternative ways of learning, and develop lifelong learning skills, which will enable students to learn in the safety of their homes, especially during emergencies and disruptions,” she added.

Duterte said learners will recognize that true learning is an ongoing process and that they never stop growing and developing as individuals through the MATATAG agenda.

“They will remain committed to continuous self-improvement and self-reflection, finding ways to improve and expand their own knowledge and skills so that they can better support those around them,” she said.

Duterte said that “being matatag” means cultivating resilience, perseverance, and determination, not only in their own studies but also in supporting others who may be struggling or disadvantaged.

“Our matatag learners will be the pillars of strength and stability for their fellow learners, providing a steady hand to guide them through the ups and downs of their educational journeys. And these learners will define the future of the Philippines,” she added.

Duterte said Filipino children must be given a chance to compete on an equal playing field with the rest of the world.

“They are the future of our nation and investing in their education today will bring great benefits to our country in years to come,” she said.

“We greatly appreciate the support we have received from our partners and stakeholders, but we also recognize the challenges we still face in achieving our goals,” the Vice President added.

She also commended all the participants who have come together from different organizations with a shared goal of improving the lives of learners and people in developing communities.

“To be a matatag partner means to be strong and unwavering in the face of challenges and adversity. It means being steadfast in our dedication to the learning and growth of our Filipino learners and acknowledging the essential role that teamwork and solidarity play in achieving these goals,” Duterte said.

“As Matatag partners, we recognize that education is not just about academic achievement, but it is also about personal growth, building character, and developing life skills. And, ultimately, to be a Matatag partner means to be part of something greater than ourselves,” she added.

In the past two months, the DepEd has gathered representatives of Official Development Assistance (ODA) partners to align their programs to the MATATAG agenda.

“Our ODA partners provided insights and suggestions for regions that may need more programs, and they identified the key areas into which partners can provide their technical assistance,” Duterte said.

Duterte said local partners also expressed their support to reinforce the MATATAG agenda by renewing their commitment to providing relevant assistance to the Department of Education.

“Let us work together to prioritize our interventions in education, including increasing the number of quality teachers, ensuring that our school facilities are adequate, and providing access to modern technologies that will enhance the learning experience of our students,” she added.

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