‘3 days of darkness’, a hoax

“There were threats of evil forces if the rituals were not followed.

The official Vatican website has photographs of the Fatima Third Secret document in Portuguese handwritten by Fatima’s visionary Sister Lucia. The “three days of darkness” are not mentioned in this document. There is no ‘three days of darkness’ in the Fatima messages.

About ten or so years ago, an email started to circulate, purportedly quoting the Third Secret of Fatima prophesying the “three days of darkness.” The author, who was anonymous and did not give his/her name, simply inserted, maliciously or inadvertently, the ‘three days of darkness’ prophesy into the text of the Fatima message, thereby making it appear that it was an integral part of the Fatima message.

Slowly, the posts were repeatedly rewritten into dozens of different versions, getting periodically viral until a vast majority of readers today believe the three days of darkness prophecies as a Fatima message, especially the need to acquire blessed candles to dispel the darkness from one’s home.

More sinister data were slowly added through the years, for example, a great eight-hour global earthquake, the need to set up an altar, and to sprinkle holy water on doors and windows.

One version warns us, “God’s punishment is holy and once it has started, you should not look outside, under any circumstance. All the evil spirits will be mingling around, free to do harm.”

There were threats of evil forces if the rituals were not followed.

Normally, Fatima messages do not contain quantitative scientific data. One version says, “10 minutes before midnight, a great earthquake will shake the earth for 8 hours, that will move the Earth 23 degrees.” Aside from the scare tactic, this was meant to discredit the Marian prophecy if these scientific data are not fulfilled.

The goal is to instill fear in readers and make them follow external rituals and distract them from the real purpose of the Fatima messages, namely internal prayer and a return to the Lord.

This distraction is the work of Satan, using people who think they are doing good by spreading these “Fatima messages.” In an informal survey, many prelates agreed with my analysis.

There is a new approach to false messages — PRIVATE REVELATION, the claim of a purported “visionary” that our Lord or our Lady appeared to them (apparition) or spoke to them through a “voice” to give a message to Mankind. The messages are attributed to Our Lord or Our Lady, some as direct quotes, although the “visionary” may have simply written them himself/herself.

Even if the messages are eloquent and inspiring, these may still be false claims, if only to increase visitors to their websites. Others are sincere in their mission to evangelize, but they may still be false claims. There is a danger that elements in the messages may be vague or contrary to Church teachings.

One ploy is to ask a bishop to give an IMPRIMATUR to get more web visitors. An Imprimatur simply says there is nothing in the content which is against the teachings of the Church. It does not claim that the message itself is approved by the Church as coming from our Lord or our Lady, which requires Vatican investigation. It took the Vatican about 20 years of investigations before declaring that the Fatima messages as authentic. The Vatican has to give explicit approval of claims of private revelations.

Anti-Marians are behind the effort to destroy the Fatima messages. Their rise began during Martin Luther’s Reformation. Many Protestant sects, not all, consider praying to the Virgin as “idolatry” and an “abomination.” Today, this is manifested by the intent to mutilate the Fatima messages. Praying to the Virgin as a bridge to God is not idolatry.

From the 1917 apparitions, the Fatima messages were attacked from all sides, even by Cardinals, but have endured the onslaughts of many decades. It took the Vatican about 20 years of investigations before declaring the Fatima messages as authentic.

“I will put enmity between you (Satan) and the Woman (Blessed Virgin), and between your offspring and hers (Jesus). Her offspring will crush your head, and you will bruise his heel. (Genesis 3:15). The war between Satan and the Virgin dates back to Genesis.

Jesus prophesied the “wolves” in sheep’s clothing, “Many will come in my name, claiming ‘I am the Messiah’, and will deceive many. Many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other. Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase in wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. (Matthew 24:10-14, excerpts).


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