Why Valerie Concepcion once felt she was ‘not enough’ as a mom

As her daughter Heather grew older, she began searching for her father, which led Concepcion to question herself as a parent and feel inadequate in providing everything Heather needed

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/ v_concepcion VALERIE Concepcion (right) and daughter Heather.

Actress Valerie Concepcion opened up about her challenging teenage years and motherhood journey in a recent interview with Boy Abunda.

“Even at a young age, I went through a lot. I had to grow up quickly and didn’t get to fully embrace the joys of being a teenager,” said Concepcion. “I mean, I had the opportunity, but I couldn’t fully savor my teenage years.”

When she discovered she was expecting her daughter, Heather Fiona, at the age of 16, her life took an unexpected turn, added Concepcion. That life development made her mature well beyond her years.

Despite the difficulties, the actress said she accepted motherhood enthusiasticall, viewing her daughter as her greatest blessing and most priceless possession.

It wasn’t easy to raise a child at such a young age, she acknowledged, especially since she was without the help of Jeremy Carag, Heather’s biological father.

But Concepcion said she took to being a single parent with persistence and devotion. “I had to make sure that I didn’t prioritize my own teenage years,” she recalled.

But as Heather grew older, she began searching for her father, which became a painful moment for Concepcion. It led her to question herself as a parent and feel inadequate in providing everything her daughter needed.

“It pained me noong hinanap niya, kasi feeling ko nun, hindi ako enough,” she said. “Kumbaga, hindi ko naibigay ‘yung lahat. Hinanap pa niya ‘yung tatay niya

(It was if I wasn’t able to give her everything, because she still looked for her dad).”

She realized, however, that she was not a bad mother after viewing the situation from daughter’s perspective. Heather’s interest in her family’s past was motivated by a genuine desire to understand who she was.

“It doesn’t make her love me less because she looked for her father. She just really wants to know where she came from, her roots and her full story,” said Concepcion, who eventually supported her daughter’s quest for answers.

In an effort to make possible their reunion, the actress took the initiative to get in touch with Heather’s biological father.

She tried but got no response. Concepcion, however, said she urged her daughter to respect her father regardless of the situation.

Heather, now 18 years old, is a nursing student at the Far Eastern University in Manila.

Choosing to live independently in a condominium near her school, she is taking steps toward her own future.

Concepcion expressed her joy and gratitude at how Heather has turned out. “I don’t know what I did to deserve such a kind, sweet and loving daughter,” she said.

“Having you as my daughter fills me with an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. I love you so much!,” she added.

Concepcion said she had always wished for a husband who would embrace being a father to her child. For Heather’s sake, she wanted a traditional family setup.

She eventually found Francis Sunga, whom she married in 2019, and her dream was fulfilled.

Now she is expecting another child, and they are looking forward to welcoming a new member of the family.

“To be where I am right now — I’m so happy with my life. I feel so contented. I feel so grateful,” said Concepcion.

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