PNP intensifies community ties

The Philippine National Police — through the Directorate for Police Community Relations — officially launched the PCR Compendium Policies as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance community engagement and foster stronger ties between the police and the communities they serve.

The PNP DPCR has developed the Compendium Policies to serve as a comprehensive guide for PNP personnel, providing them with a clear framework and guidelines for effective community relations.

The policies underscore the PNP’s commitment to upholding transparency, accountability, and trust within the community as it outlines protocols for community outreach programs, cooperation with local stakeholders, and proactive measures to address concerns and build mutual respect.

By adhering to these policies, the PNP aims to strengthen its partnership with the public and improve overall community safety and well-being.

PNP chief Police General Benjamin C Acorda Jr. emphasized the importance of community-oriented policing and encouraged all PNP personnel to embrace the Compendium Policies.

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