Respect democratic ideals, Marcos tells PMA grads

Cadet 1CL Warren Leonor, who hails from Lipa City in Batangas, emerged as valedictorian of the graduating class

Photograph by Yummie Dingding for The Daily Tribune @tribunephl_yumi | Tradition Graduates of the Philippine Military Academy on Sunday, 21 May, throw their hats into the air to symbolically cast off their old identities as cadets and embrace their new persona as officers. The practice was thought to have originated in the United States’ top military school, West Point, in the 1900s.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Sunday urged the graduating Philippine Military Academy “Madasigon” Class of 2023 to respect democratic ideals and the rule of law.

Speaking at the commencement exercises of the PMA at Fort Del Pilar in Baguio City, Marcos asked the graduates to be agents of nation-building by maintaining their commitment to genuine love for the country and for public service.

“As you join the military’s ranks, continue to fuel your undying commitment to genuine love for country and public service,” Marcos said.

“In all your tasks, diligently work for unity, respect for democratic ideals, institutions, and mechanisms, and the rule of law,” Marcos added.

Cadet 1CL Warren Leonor, who hails from Lipa City in Batangas, emerged as valedictorian of the graduating class.

Top of the class President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. presents the presidential saber to 1CL Warren Leonor for emerging as class valedictorian of the Philippine Military Academy Class of 2023 during its commencement exercise Sunday in Baguio City. Looking on are (from left) National Security Adviser Eduardo Año and Defense Officer-in-Charge Delfin Lorenzana.

Leonor received numerous awards including the Presidential Saber from President Marcos Jr. He is expected to join the PAF.

Of the 310 graduates, 238 are males and 72 are females. A total of 158 will join the Army, 77 the Navy and 75 the Philippine Air Force.

The President also asked the graduates “to remain humble in yourselves and honor those who have nurtured you right since the inception of all your budding dreams and aspiration.”

“It is both propitious and important that as I serve my first year as your commander in chief, I witnessed the reception into the fold of these 310-strong PMA batch that will now augment the capabilities of our armed forces,” Marcos said.

Marcos added that he will “work closely” with the new generation of military personnel for a “collective public service in building a stronger, more resilient republic.”

“As you encounter challenges along the way, apply the hard lessons that you have learned while in the halls of the academy, clinging to the values of courage, integrity and patriotism. That way, you will never lose your way,” the Chief Executive said.

“Live up to the precepts that define your class identity, namely honor, excellence, and the ability to recover, and help lead our nation towards the progressive and prosperous future that we all aspire for,” he added.

The PMA was established on 25 October 1898, by virtue of a decree issued by the first president of the young Philippine Republic, General Emilio Aguinaldo.

The academy traces its roots to the Academia Militar, which was established in Malolos, Bulacan, in 1898. The Academia Militar was closed down in 1899, due to the outbreak of the Philippine-American War.

The PMA was reopened in 1905, as the Philippine Constabulary Academy. The academy was then renamed to the Philippine Military Academy in 1936, by virtue of the National Defense Act.

Located in Baguio City, the PMA is the only institution in the Philippines that is authorized to confer a Bachelor of Science degree in Military Science and Tactics.

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