P6-M Grab rebates ready for claim

We have never abandoned our obligation to return this P25 million to the affected passengers

Photo by Yummie Dingding

Grab patrons can now claim their three-year-old government-approved rebate vouchers through the Grab Philippine’s mobile application.

“If you are one of these users, your rebate is waiting to be claimed via your in-app GrabRewards catalog,” Grab said in a press statement on Sunday.

While Grab assured to comply with its commitments, it, however, noted that reimbursing some users had been difficult, especially as some do not have GrabPay wallets while others are no longer in the country using the Grab application.

Refund beneficiaries have until 18 July to dibs on their vouchers; unclaimed amounts will be remitted to the Philippine National Treasury following the Philippine Competition Commission Resolution dated 2 February.

App users informed

Grab said it had sent reminders to users via in-app notifications, emails, and SMS. It also posted calls for users to claim their rebate through social media platforms and major newspapers.

Nonetheless, assured patrons that it will still take “necessary steps” to immediately comply with the directives of the PCC to notify affected riders of their unclaimed refunds.

Immediately after PCC posted a resolution prodding Grab to reimburse its users, Grab Philippines Director for Public Affairs Sherielysse Bonifacio committed to completing the reimbursement of P6.66 million to users.

“We have never abandoned our obligation to return this P25 million to the affected passengers,” Bonifacio said.

The Grab executive likewise noted that the transport company is also simultaneously studying the fines that had been levied by the PCC on top of its reimbursements.

Bonifacio stressed that before the release of the resolution, Grab had been in constant communication with the PCC and had filed several motions requesting the PCC for guidance as to how to return the remaining P6.66 million to users.

Grab had successfully refunded P18.78 million to riders, representing 73.8 percent of the P25.4 million Grab had been required to pay.

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