Crazy As Pinoy 2023 Comeback

Reenergized, inspired after a long hiatus and managed by a new talent management firm with an ear for talent, Crispin, Basilyo and Sisa’s return to the music industry is no longer just a “panaginip.”

Photograph Courtesy of BLVCK ENTERTAINMENT | CRISPIN, Sisa and Basilyo.

Blvck Entertainment is reintroducing one of the most popular hip-hop groups of the early 2000s: Crazy as Pinoy.

The trio of singer-songwriters named after famous names from Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere, Basilyo, Sisa and Crispin (real names Lordivino Ignacio, Muriel Anne Jamito and Jeffrey Pilien), are back — older, matured, fired up and better than ever.

Having come from the pre-social media days, they are now reentering the hip-hop scene with the single that skyrocketed them to fame more than two decades ago: “Panaginip.”

Back in the sweet day, when Spotify was not yet invented and radio airwaves dictated the moment when we’d hear our favorite song, that’s when Crazy as Pinoy came into prominence.

“Panaginip” became the anthem of the infatuated teenage Pinoy dressed in low-rise flared jeans and suffering from ambiguous love.

The lyrics are laced with romantic angst, relatable and a true Filipino pop delight: “Wag mo namang palampasin ang gabing ito nang ‘di malinaw/’Paliwanag mo nang mabuti pero ‘wag mong isigaw.”

Apparently, their cuss-free rap song still has a huge impact today.

When Crazy as Pinoy decided to regroup early this year and unleashed their iconic song on the Wish 107.5 bus in February, it earned a staggering 14 million views.

Fans of the group poured their nostalgia in the comments section, talking about how their high school memories are flooding back.

“Panaginip” was so popular back in the day, unforgettable and searing, that more than 20 years later, listening to it is synonymous with opening a time capsule from a time when the world has just entered the new millennium.

But Crazy as Pinoy is more than just a symbol of the good ol’ days. They are gifted rappers and poets, storytellers and commentators. They rap and sing effortlessly. They sing love stories that remain relevant, belting out words crammed with romantic sensibilities.

New rap songs

Originally called “Triangulo” when the group of three first appeared on camera and discovered in the noontime show Eat Bulaga, and eventually managed by the late master rapper Francis Magalona, the Marikina-bred rappers are now more than ready to take the 2023 stage post-global health crisis.

In fact, they are now busy creating fresh, new rap songs to add to their comeback digital album called Crazy as Pinoy 2.0 under Blvck Music.

Available in practically every music streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Medianet, Boomplay and YouTube Music), Crazy as Pinoy 2.0 carries just one track for now, their chart-topper “Panaginip,” with the words slightly revised to cater to the GenZs.

Fans of the original need not worry, though, as the content, flow and rhythm of “Panaginip” remain the same, and still acutely express the intoxicating feeling of falling in love.

‘Dun po talaga kami nakilala, sa mga love songs. Rapper kami, pero ang focus namin ay love songs. Hindi na kami siguro lalayo doon,” said Sisa at a recent presscon held at Blvck Creative Studios, when asked about their revival album.

The group also emphasized that their target listeners are every OPM-loving Pinoy. So, from the elderly radio listener down to the kid next door with ears jammed with AirPods, everybody will be able to appreciate the album, particularly those who enjoy the hip-hop culture and are fans of rap playlists without diss tracks.

Crazy as Pinoy will also do mall tours, live performances and concerts. Reenergized, inspired after a long hiatus and managed by a new talent management firm with an ear for talent, Crispin, Basilyo and Sisa’s return to the music industry is no longer just a panaginip.

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