Bovine bust

Criminals still play the kiddie game of hide and seek but familiar hiding places make the job of police to find them easy.

Four drug-dealing Americans’ choices of hideout were so bad that they got arrested. Ohio cops found one inside a dryer, another under the stairs, a third in the attic, and the last under blankets in the basement, Local 12 reported.

They were all charged with illegal drug possession.

Meanwhile, Boone Police officers in North Carolina chased a driver who refused to stop after being ordered to pull over on 9 May.

When police found the car, it was abandoned in a rural area.

“Due to the suspect’s fast and reckless driving, our officers were not close enough to see exactly where the suspect ran,” the Boone Police Department said in a statement, according to ABC News.

Officers struggled to locate Joshua Minton, 34, in the remote part of Deep Gap as no person there was around. However, some mooing cows seemed to give police a hint of where to find him.

“Apparently, cows do not want suspected criminals loitering in their pasture and quickly assisted our officers by leading them directly to where the suspect was hiding,” the Town of Boone Police Department wrote on social media, ABC News reported.

Minton was charged with fleeing arrest, driving with a revoked license, and disorderly conduct, the report said. His trial starts in June.

The police department was thankful for the cattle’s help but said there is no plan to recruit the cows to join their team of sniffing dogs and seek hiding criminals.

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