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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Sunday said that the Armed Forces of the Philippines has undergone significant modernization and reforms to enhance its professionalism, transforming it into a contemporary and proficient institution.

He said this during the commencement exercises of the Philippine Military Academy “Madasigon” Class of 2023 in Baguio City after signing Republic Act 11939 last week.

During his speech in Baguio City, the President highlighted the government’s commitment to enhancing the AFP’s capabilities and safeguarding its personnel’s well-being.

“We are relentlessly pursuing the AFP modernization program through important military acquisitions and upgrades. We are also currently undertaking a comprehensive study to improve social protection for our military and uniformed personnel,” he said.

According to Marcos, the AFP is now more modern and more professional after he signed the amendments to RA 11709 that further strengthened the AFP’s professionalization and merit system.

“Because of this, you now join a modern and professional organization, which is now a more effective and even more formidable vehicle for public service and nation-building, a continuing source of pride and self-fulfillment to the individual personnel,” he told the 310-strong PMA graduates.

The AFP’s modernization program has been divided into three so-called horizons.

Horizon 1, which ran from 2013 to 2017, focused on acquiring new equipment and weapons systems. Horizon 2, which ran from 2018 to 2022, focused on improving the AFP’s training and doctrine.

On the other hand, Horizon 3, which is currently ongoing, focuses on improving the AFP’s infrastructure and logistics.

However, the AFP’s modernization program has been met with some challenges.  The program has been delayed due to budget constraints and bureaucratic red tape. The AFP has also faced criticism for its procurement practices.

Among the equipment acquired for the AFP were two brand-new frigates from South Korea, six Black Hawk helicopters from the United States, two brand-new FA-50 fighter jets from South Korea, two M113 armored personnel carriers from the US, and thousands of new assault rifles, machine guns, and other small arms.

“Existing realities and the rapidly evolving security environment impel us to be always prepared for any and all threats that our country may face,” Marcos said.

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