Soldiers, NPA rebels clash three times in Negros Occidental

At least five members of the New People’s Army were gunned down in a series of firefights with the government troops in Negros Occidental over the weekend, the Armed Forces of the Philippines described it as a “huge setback of communist terrorism.”

The AFP’s Visayas Command on Sunday said soldiers had encountered NPA rebels three times on 20 May, which started around 5:05 a.m. in different sitios in Brgy. Quintin Remo, Negros Occidental.

Also recovered during these firefights are several war materiel, food supply, medical paraphernalia, and personal belongings of the NPA rebels, including an M16 rifle, two homemade shotguns, a UZI machine pistol, a KG9 machine pistol, two Cal .38 pistols, four rifle grenades, several assorted magazine assemblies, and several assorted live ammunitions.

VisCom Commander Lt. Gen. Benedict Arevalo said the recent encounters only represent that the NPA’s foothold in the Visayas region continues to weaken, “a clear manifestation” of the soldiers’ commitment to safeguarding people from any atrocities by the terrorists.

“No amount of deception, lies, or propaganda can hide the fact that the CPP-NPA in the Visayas region continues to weaken. This latest debacle is a testament to that. Hence, our focused military operation will be sustained until justice is served, and just and lasting peace is attained,” Arevalo said.

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