PHAP still wary despite Covid plateau

‘So far, it’s not that many and then if you can see in our statistics. Almost the fatality rate is also the same. It’s not increasing.’

Private hospitals in the country are all geared up to make room for Covid-19 admission despite a “plateau” in cases, Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Inc. said Saturday.

“We almost saw a plateau, I hope it will continue that way,” PHAPI president Dr. Jose Rene de Grano said in a radio interview. “All hospitals are ready and their Covid areas and wards are always open.”

Individuals with such mild symptoms, on the other hand, are better off staying at home to isolate themselves, according to De Grano, as private hospitals still have the last call who will be admitted.

Earlier this week, PHAPI reported a modest increase in Covid cases at private hospitals during a three-day period, which also fallout to higher admissions.

Days later, however, it stated that despite the gradual and continuous influx of Covid patients, hospital admissions in private hospitals are currently in a “manageable” status.

“So far, the admission in our private hospitals is manageable, but the arrival of patients is gradual and continuous. Hopefully, this will not translate to full occupancy. Right now, what we are seeing there is a maximum of around 50 percent occupancy, but most are less than 20 percent,” De Grano said.

Despite the recorded uptick in ICU admissions, according to De Grano, those who end up there are immunocompromised, have comorbidities, and are unvaccinated.

“So far, it’s not that many and then if you can see in our statistics. Almost the fatality rate is also the same. It’s not increasing,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, since the pandemic began in early 2020, private hospitals have remained stringent when it comes to permitting patients’ visitors, especially since hospitals have an infection and control committee.

The committee has the discretion to decide whether or not a visitor can enter, what tests are required, and how long they can stay.

In the meantime, the Philippine Heart Center forbade visits by maintaining a “no-visitor” policy due to the rising number of those infected with the dreaded virus.

The number of reported cases of Covid throughout the country increased to 16,577 on Friday, with 2,106 new cases being logged.

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