Feet trick

Modern-day couriers are so versatile. They transport just about anything using only bicycles or motorcycles.

Ole bikers deliver ordered designer clothing door-to-door in Israel and New York City. They are not simply delivery riders but couture-savvy couriers who also offer fashion advice to customers.

Mostly women, including fashion students and models, Ole couriers deliver dresses, jeans, bags, and shoes within a three-hour window from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Upon delivery, they wait up to 15 minutes for any return order by customers which also benefits Ole retailers by avoiding wasting weeks for returns to arrive before offering the same to other prospective buyers.

In the Philippines, road traffic authorities dictate a dress code for both moto-taxi drivers and their passengers for safety considerations.

For example, they can only wear government-approved safety helmets. Also, slippers are not allowed and closed shoes must be worn on the road.

Violators of the riders’ dress code are slapped with hefty fines.

Interestingly, the dress code also inspired creativity even in back riders as in one recent apprehension by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority traffic enforcers.

The motorcycle-taxi rider was stopped when his passenger’s outlandish footwear caught the attention of eagle-eyed MMDA Task Force Special Operations Head Bong Nebrija.

The photo of the back rider taken by Nebrija and posted on social media shows the passenger covering his slippers with a shower cap, Top Gear reported.

The traffic enforcers were dumbfounded by the passenger’s way of circumventing the motorcycle dress code. Nevertheless, the rider was ticketed and haplessly bore the brunt of the offense’s penalty.

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