An Unforgettable Burger Experience

One of our most unforgettable meals during this trip was surprisingly not Thai food

PHOTOGRAPHS BY DARA ROA for the daily tribune | with my husband Daniel and the amazing Taiki Rattanapong Tsubota.

It was a quick trip to Bangkok in February with my husband. We promised ourselves to explore new neighborhoods and visit new places other than those we frequent.  So, we committed to our adventure and went on a discovery spree into Silom (Saladaeng), Chinatown, Talad Noi, Ekkamai, Taling Chan, and visited a new mall called Icon Siam.  All neighborhoods had their own unique charms that flaunted an abundance of sights and flavors.

One of our most unforgettable meals during this trip was surprisingly not Thai food.  It was a unique burger experience at a hidden kitchen studio in one of Bangkok’s hippest neighborhoods called Ekkamai.

Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad — 90 percent frozen watermelon, feta cheese, tomato juice, balsamic glaze and mint.
Crystal Beef Taco — crystal bread, tahini and sour cream, Mexican-style seasoned minced beef, pomegranate and lime.
Mura”corn”mi — toasted garlic bread, smoked corn, cream corn sauce and corn soup.

Homeburg is definitely a place to visit. 

Homeburg is the brainchild of Taiki Rattanapong Tsubota who started his journey with a burger shop that went viral as he only took an extremely limited number of customers to cook and serve only four crafted burgers per day at a price that the customers are willing to pay. With a months-long waitlist and its popularity skyrocketing into the globalsphere, it was a shock to everyone that Homeburg version 1.0 closed its doors.  But fast forward to today, he reopened Homeburg with an open kitchen concept and served only eight seats at a time at 2 p.m., 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. daily and will only accept reservations of two, four or eight.  If you were three people, you would have to pay for four.

Homeburg Prototype#1 — Japanese milk bun, finely chopped pickled jalapeños paste, dashi cheese, pickles, crispy bacon, lemon syrup, rayu, and Homeburg sauce.
Ultrasonic Fries — Chiang Mai potato and salt
Steak Plate — Denver steak, beef jus, deep-fried sweet fish sauce, brussel sprout, potato custard and pumpkin puree.

Having some background knowledge of Homeburg, we booked our seats about two weeks before we left for Bangkok. But when we got to Bangkok, I got a message from Taiki saying their oven broke down so he would have to move or cancel our booking. I refused. I told him I had faith that the oven situation would be resolved and thankfully, it was! So, we were able to experience all the magic that Taiki has passionately worked on to come up with a menu that’s completely divine.  His kitchen is literally his lab where he combines his creativity with science as he creates new dishes and tries to perfect existing ones.

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