After quieting snoring, Nieto now wants farts deodorized

A local government-operated public hospital in Cainta, Rizal is now conducting surgery for residents with snoring problem.

Cainta municipal administrator Keith Nieto said the local government has bought a radio frequency machine to be used for operation of the ear, nose and throat doctors of One Cainta Hospital.

“One of its uses is to stop snoring which destroys the good marriage between husband and wife.”

“The first operation was done yesterday for a patient who snores loudly,” Nieto said.

“Nasal turbinectomy (reduction in fat and flesh that obstructs the air passage during breathing) to reduce loud snoring of the patient,” he added.

Nieto said the procedure went well.

He said the government of Cainta is shouldering all expenses for the procedure.

“Next time, I will look for a solution to the pungent human fart. We do not know (if) there’s a solution on that,” he added.

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